Why So Serious? Why Social Media Marketing Can (and sometimes should) Be Funny

Humor.   Who doesn’t love a good laugh, am I right?

In this digital age, one can take even the most basic news story and by merely posting a single picture that you’ve turned into a comical meme, that same story will live on in cyberspace.  And of course as we all know, going viral is is the main objective these days.  A star is born!   A person, an organization, school or company can receive the best form of fame or “advertising” just from a little boomerang humor; and before you know it someone or something is virally “famous” in less than 24 hours!

Sometimes this can be well to your advantage, but sometimes… well, not so much…

So therein lies the million dollar question:  how much humor in your social marketing plan is TOO much?

You walk a fine line when trying to incorporate humor into your social media marketing, and there are some distinctions on making it effective (rather than having your readers rolling their collective eyes.)   The best brands use a combination of funny and useful information to keep people coming back.

But how exactly can you do that? 

Business is a serious business (see what I did there?) and to many it may seem that funny posts have no marketing value.  But they do, they really do.   Why?

  • They help keep your brand relatable.    They make you seem like there are actual human being behind your brand, rather than a logo, a digitized platform, or a robot.
  • Making your brand seem more human *and getting  people to retweet, share, “like” your posts* does the most basic thing that we look for when talking about basic marketing 101.  It gets people talking about your brand!    Hello?  What’s not to like about that?
  • When you get people laughing, they remember you and your brand!  They will tell someone else about your brand.   And so on and so on…

Here are a few tips for adding humor to your social media:

  • Short and sweet: The more involved you make the humor, the less people are going to get it.    As tends to be the case in most social medial marketing plans,  getting to the point and keeping it simple is most effective.
  • Keep it (*&!*@&# clean:    Keep away from politics at all costs! Let me repeat.  NO POLITICS!   And it goes without saying, but no derogatory words,  no controversial issues, nothing offensive.   If you have to ask yourself “is this going to cross the line” most likely it will.  So just say no!
  • Funny AND Smart:  Funny is good.   Funny and intelligence is even better.    Remember you are not only writing to post funny content, you also need to remind your followers that you are, in fact, a smart and intelligent bunch of corporate folks in a legitimate company, and are working on the brand you are trying to promote.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, and not every single person is going to get every attempt at humor that you wish to post.   But often just putting yourself in the shoes of your reader is a good way to gauge if the material you are considering is actually effective from a business standpoint.   It is good to be humorous, but not unnecessarily so.

Another good idea may be to run it by a third-party and see how they respond, so you can perhaps tweak it a bit…or to just decide whether or not it really works for your audience, after all.

By finding humor within your own company, and maybe even slightly poking a little fun at yourself (within reason), you and your brand can get the last laugh 😉

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