What Are The Optimal Times To Post On Your Various Social Media Platforms? We’ve Got You Covered!

Social media posting is tricky. As a regular user or as a business page, it’s difficult to choose a time to post to maximize your visibility. Is lunch time good? Or what about right when people wake up for work? Or late at night when people are in bed? Each platform provides different functions therefore people use them at different times depending on their needs, i.e. If you’re bored -Facebook or Instagram is a normal go-to. Looking for what’s happening right now? Twitter is a no brainer. Need a new job? LinkedIn has thousands of job postings a day. There are a lot of daily factors to consider as well, including when the bulk of your target audience is at work, if it’s during holiday season, and whether you want to post on the weekends or not.
Our research found that these were the best times to post on social media:

If you break it down, these times make a lot of sense — right?
Most people will get into work, check their emails, get down to business, and not log on to their social accounts until lunchtime.  Studies show that the average American worker only truly works for about 3 hours a day, leaving the other 5 hours in the day to browsing the internet, checking social media, texting, eating, and chatting with coworkers.
The average employee is using Facebook over 40% of the time when they’re off task and not working, with Amazon shopping close behind.
Instagram snags the late night crew that scrolls through their feed when they can’t fall asleep, grabs the average 9-5 worker in the morning that checks to see what they missed last night, and ropes in the rest who are checking in to see what happened during the day.
Pinterest actually shows a lot of potential for 12pm on Saturdays, 9pm and 2am. Scrolling through pins before bed seems like a common trend.
LinkedIn is the most logical time frame, no one is going on their LinkedIn account during the work day! LinkedIn is a primary source of finding a new job opportunity since it’s essentially a public online resume so it is reasonable people wait until they’re out of work to log on (and look for another job).
Twitter is a source of news information, so it makes sense for users to check it periodically throughout the day, with heightened times at during lunch breaks and after work.
In the same breath as optimal posting times, it’s very important to know when your dead time zones are.  Some are obvious, like Facebook, midnight to 8am, most people are fast asleep and not scrolling through their news feed.  But some are more surprising, like minimal users checking their Twitter after 8pm.

Knowing when to post to maximize your potential visibility is half the battle, but having relevant and shareable content is what makes your content’s organic reach exponentially increase. More news feeds your content is shared on means more unique eyes see your brand.
While posting at the most optimal time is going to give you the best chance for successful posts, it’s not the only factor you should be considering. Creating interesting and shareable content is a major key to increasing your organic reach and curating your brand.