Tweet, Tweet! Want To Optimize Interest On Your Twitter Feed? We’re Here To Help!

One of the top questions a business may ask when thinking through their Twitter marketing strategy is “What should I tweet?” The simple and obvious answer is that it varies, based on your industry and brand. Your unique goals and your specific audience on Twitter influence what Tweets will be most “effective.” And on Twitter, you are what you tweet! Your content should of course be interesting, conversational and useful, but given the limitations of a single tweet you need to be “short and sweet” as well.

Speaking of “short and sweet;” here’s our short, but effective, tip list on how to optimize your Twitter performance (with the help of our favorite dashboard, Zocle):

  • Add photos and videos to grab attention.  Images can be added to your feed along with the embedded link as you post. The perfect tweet should be published in a timely manner, as well. When looking over your Twitter feed, do you find videos, photos, and people sharing your content? It is necessary to post, retweet, like and interact with other people for growth.

  • Time your posts so your audience can engage from different time zones.  And by using the Zocle dashboard when composing posts, tweeting can not only be timely, they can easily be scheduled so your most relevant posts are consistently tweeted out.   A little bit of scheduling for the week will give you many extra tweets!   Then upon some further review, you will see what times the majority of your audience enages with your posts.

  • Add your call-to-action (CTA) by embedded links to your site or posting relevant images.  Something as simple as a link placed on your image will drive customers to your website (which is your whole purpose in using social media). Tweeting about your blog can also be effectively used to connect with your followers. Find unusual, creative images and partnered with a compelling tweet, an appropriate hashtag, and link to your blogs .. you’ll be set.

  • Speaking of hashtags… tweets with hashtags receive twice the amount of views as those without!  That is HUGE.   The perfect hashtag will increase engagement for brand tweets, and encourage the highest engagement.  How do you find the perfect hashtag to use?  EASY!  IQity (Zocle’s built in social analytics) will tell you what hashtags (along with mentions and stories) your audience is talking about right now!  Join their conversation and you’re sure to get engagement!

  • Using Zocle to tweet generates a short URL so followers can easily retweet your post.
  • Further, you will get more retweets by doing the same, yourself!  Retweet other posts of interested that are in the same field as your brand . Engage with those in your industry or other social media experts.   Even just posting a simple “thank you” to the people who share your tweets works amazingly well in the social media world.
  • Let me repeat (cough, cough, we can’t help ourselves we love the Zocle dashboard): every post that is made to Twitter by using the Zocle dashboard has the tiny URL linked to your article leaving you lots of room to tweet!   And since Twitter is about instant conversation and engagement, combining your awesome, effective tweets with the ease of using Zocle, you can’t help but succeed 🙂

So what are you waiting for?  Get tweeting!