Tips and Tricks for Great Instagram Posts

Instagram has become the favorite social network and not just for Millennials. With over 35% of users using Instagram multiple times a day, it’s a pot of gold when it comes to brand awareness and self promotion.

It’s more than just posting to post. Taking bad pictures, having a bad overall aesthetic, or even posting the wrong hashtags could turn your Instagram account against you in many ways. It could actually deter potential clients and customers if it seems unkept or strangely done. 

This is my quickie guide to a better Instagram!

  1. White backgrounds for original content really make the item POP. Maybe you’re selling a product, having a plain white background really makes things stand out on a newsfeed.
  2. Relevant hashtags are a MUST! How will anyone know what you’re posting about if you don’t categorize your posts? Check out what’s trending every day ( example: #MondayMotivation or #FridayFeeling #tbt) by just scrolling through your discover section.
  3. Tag everything involved. If you’re at an event in the middle of downtown, tag the place you’re at in your post, put the location on, and make sure to mention them in your comments. Sometimes places will re-post your pictures, or at the very least, fresh eyes will see your tagged pictures!
  4. Put yourself in the users shoes. Is this something you’d want to see or a page you’d follow? Ask yourself what you want to see as a consumer and a user. PRO TIP: Things people never get tired of seeing are dog pictures and quotes!
  5. Quotes are great original non original content. You can repurpose quotes all the time with content creation tools. I always try to recreate my favorite quotes and brand the picture so if anyone tries to reshare it, the branding stays on it.
  6. Don’t try to be funny. It usually misses. 
  7. Call to actions in the comment section don’t always work great, and they’re difficult to track but you should still do them anyways for important posts. “Link in Bio” Don’t forget to put the link in the BIO to make the link clickable!  
  8. Videos (with audio) ideally should have subtitles. Not all users are able to hear the message, as they might be at work or in a place where they cannot turn the volume up, so you should be making it easier for them to process your messaging. It is also inclusive to the deaf community.
  9. I say this a lot but humanizing your brand really helps. Making posts that are relevant are great but if it doesn’t seem like there’s a human behind the posts then it seems very impersonal to the user. Great branding includes making a presence for your company curators/personalities. Posting that company outing picture may seem cheesy but in reality you’re just connecting to your fan base on a more personal level. 
  10. With anything of course, less is more. You do not need more than 20 hashtags, you do not need to be posting 10 times a day. and you do not need to constantly posting. 

Get to posting!!


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