The Power Of LinkedIn: If You Think It’s Just For Job Searching, You’re Missing Out

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals looking to broaden their network, to help with job searching.  And that’s all it’s useful for, right?  Well wait – stop right there and listen up!  LinkedIn is way more than that.  For companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand, it’s invaluable.

But can LinkedIn really help your social marketing strategy?  If used correctly, it can be a true game changer!

  • Do you want more exposure for your business on LinkedIn? Yes!
  • Are you using your LinkedIn company page to its full potential? Maybe not?!

Having a LinkedIn company page can help your business stand out tremendously.  LinkedIn company pages let you provide information to your audience, all while giving them the chance to engage with your business.

Yes, LinkedIn Company Pages were originally viewed as human resources pages merely representing brands.  And yes, this is still one very important way to use LinkedIn. But now, the platform is also becoming a useful place to obtain great business results, increase brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers or followers on your products/services!

Looking at the basics:  research states that LinkedIn has 433 million users.  Now while those numbers are impressive, what really matters in terms of using this platform for your business is that 1 in 3 professionals has a LinkedIn account.

So you can see with that high level of professional engagement, LinkedIn is a social network your business cannot afford to ignore.

Why Your Business Needs To Be On LinkedIn

If your LinkedIn business presence is currently outdated, well then it’s time for a huge update.   There is a full range of benefits LinkedIn can offer:

  • Growing Your Network And Customer Base:  using LinkedIn for business helps network and make connections —for example, people you work with, and the people you meet at event, and vendors,  Using LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities, connections are not just made by who you know, it’s made by who they know. You can maintain existing relationships and build new ones, all by growing your network.
  • The Real Power Of LinkedIn For Business: the ability use existing connections and grow your brand through word-of-mouth. Unlike other social media platforms that just gain followers or likes, on LinkedIn you can utilize relationships to gain new opportunities and grow your business.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages

Think of your LinkedIn company page as an extension of your company website,  LinkedIn can help drive traffic to your site and provides an outlet to promote your products, services, and content. Your LinkedIn Company Page provides free marketing opportunities and shines a spotlight on your company.   Original, interesting content and relevant status updates can also establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

LinkedIn Gives Your Brand Increased Search Visibility

Your Company Page can also help increase brand awareness by boosting your company’s presence in search engine results. This is huge!   By uncovering the keywords that are important to your business, and then incorporating them into your Company Page, you will direct those searching these keywords to discovery your business!  To ensure you’re ranking in search, here’s some simple tips:

  • Have you complete all fields in your profile and company description?
  • Are you using relevant keywords in your personal bio and page description?
  • Have you included links to your website and blog in your profile, description and posts?
  • Are you using  descriptive wording in your company name?

LinkedIn Is Becoming More Important To Marketers Than Facebook

Yes, you read this right.  Reports recently have shown that LinkedIn has now surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social platform for B2B marketers. That alone speaks volumes!  And according to users, LinkedIn is the third most used social platform among business owners. To ignore those simple facts would be foolish!

LinkedIn Supports Brand Recognition

Visually you need to make your LinkedIn page stand out.  Things such as your company logo should be consistent on all websites and marketing materials, as well as the banner image on the top of your profile.  Your background or banner image is important to your company and brand.   Since you may perhaps have a different audience on LinkedIn from your other social networks, keep certain visual elements that define your brand such as colors, fonts, and design, just perhaps adding some variety visually.

LinkedIn Can Help You Stay Connected With Your Clients 

Company page updates are more important than you think, and it’s where a lot of companies fail to utilize all that LinkedIn has to offer. A LinkedIn update is just like a Facebook update or a tweet.   Easy, right?  And since we all love images, you can enhance your company page by including creative images that catch the eye, just as you would do on other social media platforms.   A good rule of thumb is to ideally a few times a week, but at a minimum at least one time per week.  Include content that will bring people to your company page, and will keep your page relevant.

One way to keep updating at the forefront of your and a part of your daily social media postings is to make sure you add your company page to a social scheduling dashboard, such as our favorite —  ZOCLE

LinkedIn Posts Have The Potential To Reach All Your Page Followers

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no algorithm or filters you out of other feeds.  When you post to your LinkedIn company page, it appears in your followers’ feeds, regardless of how often they have interacted with your posts in the past.  This means that all your efforts to post relevant content and build your page are received by your entire consumer audience, which is a kind of a big deal  😉

Of course all of your followers aren’t always viewing your platform every time you post, so it’s for this reason it’s important that you post regularly to maximize your impact.

And now, for our Final “LinkedIn” Thoughts

When you have a LinkedIn company page, let people know!  Post about it on your website, on your other social media platforms, spread the word!   Share share share!

Something as simple as putting your LinkedIn company page info in your email signature, or even more effective, send an email blast boasting about your awesome LinkedIn page.   Let people know you have a page and tout all the benefits of following it!  LinkedIn is a such a worthwhile for your business, and simply put, this platform is an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy.

So what are you waiting for?  Hop onto Zocle, schedule your LinkedIn posts, and reap the benefits!