Social Media For Businesses: The Key Features That You Need To Know

One big question social media managers are often asked is “How can my business best utilize all that social media has to offer?”
Well the list is endless, but for brevity — because hey, we know you’re busy (and we are too!) — here are 3 of the more important features that we think you need to know!

1. Post Scheduling-

Automated scheduling has pros and cons like anything else, but nothing is more convenient for a social media manager, business, or public figure to be able to craft multiple posts in fifteen minutes, yet send them out at any time they choose. It takes “I have to remember to post this later” out of the equation entirely, and allows you to dedicate an allotted timeframe for social media, yet spread the posts throughout the day, as opposed to “I’ll post when I can”, and end up with a cluster of posts back to back to back.

Who Has Post Scheduling As An Option?

Facebook Pages has scheduling options; we love their “Backdating” feature, and used it very often during Monday holidays. There’s so much traffic on a holiday like Memorial Day or Veterans Day, sometimes your message can get lost or over seen in the mass of posts. Using backdating for days like these so you can post on Tuesday, and everyone sees it Tuesday, but you can select it to be shown as posted on Monday.

Uh, hello!! Zocle has the best post scheduling options!!  Not only can you post to Facebook, you can post to multiple social media sites, individualized each post, and then post them all at once with one swift click. You can add a link and have that link post to all accounts, then personalize the message….

NOTE: we added a picture of our Logo because Twitter does not display any pictures displayed in the article, just the link.

You get the picture right? Once you’ve personalized all your posts….Schedule them!

Then click publish and it will post to all three (or whichever ones you select)!

 Life is so much easier with Zocle…

2. Paid Social Media Advertising-

With Facebook and Twitter shrinking the organic reach for business pages, they’re basically pushing us into paid advertising, or “Boost” our posts. At first, I was like, no, no, no, I am not paying for this. I can get my stuff out there by myself!  But then I realized that sometimes you cannot combat their algorithms made by brilliant programmers.  Learning more about “Boosting” before pouring money into Facebook or even into Google’s AdSense took some research. Traditional banners that you see on your screen have been used more, but their effectiveness as an advertisement has stayed the same, while social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) have improved almost 10% for effectiveness. Promoted posts have also done significantly better over the years, as well as SEM (search engine optimization).  For B2C (Business to Consumer) Facebook is the most effective marketing tool by over  12%, while YouTube and Twitter trail close behind. For a B2B (Business to Business) advertising, search engine tactics like PPC (pay per click) or paid search advertising are much more effective. As far as social media posts go, Linked In does the best for B2B companies, with Twitter as a close second.

It’s crucial to keep in mind what user’s goals and mindsets are when using certain platforms. Facebook maintains a fun and entertaining diversion therefore lighthearted and funny content do exceptionally well there, while Linked In provides more career advancement opportunities. Know your audience and know what they’re looking for on each platform.

3. Live Stream-

If you do not have a live stream plan integrated into your online social media strategy, you need to start thinking about one, or you’ll be left behind. Live streaming is an amazing way to humanize your brand. Streaming live events is a great way to get user engagement, as a lot of viewers enjoy commenting while watching the stream.  Interviews and showing how your product is made or maybe a behind the curtain peek at how your brand functions could be a very successful live stream as well. Users love anything that “off limits” or things they’re not supposed to see normally, so letting them inside your walls will definitely peak their interest!

Asking questions directly to the viewers are also a really great and catchy way to get users to engage in your live stream. Training sessions could be your niche too! It doesn’t need to be a step by step process; it could be simple like discussing something people might not particularly know how to do! Training is all about repetition though, so making your sessions a weekly thing is key, so your users have something to look forward to. This could also turn into a weekly question and answer session where users can ask about your brand, upcoming features, and/or problems they have and you can directly respond.  Avoid answering the internet trolls and feeding their egos, but the interactivity and humanizing of your brand could put you above the rest and make consumers personally invest in your brand.

The possibilities for your business are endless when it comes to live streaming. It can help build a community, attract new users, and show your true and awesome colors! People love seeing what’s going on with their favorite companies, and they love even more when they get to interact with them. Nothing makes me happier than when I tweet at a company or celebrity and they like or respond to me! Imagine being able to touch so many of your customers personally like that in one easy stream.

There are so many other amazing features out there, and the list gets longer every day. Our goal at Zocle is to get you the best community engagement possible by bringing your attention to the best features out there.

Stay on brand but don’t be scared to try new things with your engagement because you never know what will work best for you!