Social Media Doesn’t Take A Vacation! How To Manage Your Social Media Pages While Away

The week between Christmas and the New Year is fast approaching, and so is the unofficial “vacation” week for many companies and their employees.  But just because you aren’t in the office, doesn’t mean your social media pages shut down!

While being on vacation is supposed to be fun, many of us social media manager types worry about how we will manage our social media pages; after all, social media is a 24/7 business. The countless things that run through our heads are how can I be expected to be responsive and available at any given time when all I want is some time off?  How are you supposed to manage your social media accounts when all you want is to be sitting poolside, sipping Pina Coladas?   Well actually, there’s no need to fear.

There are countless ways you can manage your social media in easy and stress-free ways.  So, how can you best manage your social media accounts while you are away?   With a little planning ahead, you can manage your social media accounts without a hitch.  Here’s are list of quick tips to help you while you’re away:

1. Be Honest: Inform Your Audience That You Are On Vacation

If your followers and customers are expecting you to be present and responsive, they might get unnecessarily annoyed at your delayed response time.  Easy solution: let your audience know you’re away!  Simply stating that you are going to be away will inform your audience so they know why you aren’t putting out any original content, and this way they will also know nothing is wrong: you are just on vacation. You don’t have to be too specific, merely let them know when you’ll be gone, and what they can expect to see while you’re away.  You can mention if your sites will be quieter than usual, if you’ll have erratic response time, or if you’ll have someone else managing the site for you so they can direct their questions to them. Being honest is always the best policy!


2. Schedule Content

This is our best tip!  One of the best ways to keep your online presence active is to schedule posts for the time you’ll be on vacation. I would even go so far as to save yourself some stress and recommend scheduling posts for the days prior to, and following, your vacation (since we all know how crazy it gets preparing to leave for vacation and how overwhelmed you are at the office when you get back.)

It is also recommend that you schedule certain types of posts when away; topics and subjects that are more informational or entertaining, and less conversational.  Vacations are not the time to have polls or ask questions that require a lot of conversation, since you won’t readily be available to answer those comments.

When scheduling your posts, look at your analytics to see the best times of day, weekdays and weekends, to post. Then, find some interesting content and schedule away. You can also include some of your own blog posts, and videos, as well.  Using a social media scheduler helps save time and keeps your content consistent while away on vacation.

And of course, use an awesome social media dashboard to schedule your content!  We recommend our favorite – Zocle (of course!)

3. Maintain Follower Activity

Chances are you will check your social media accounts, and email, at least once a day (yes, even when you’re on vacation – we social media types can’t help ourselves!)   It can be difficult to track your new social media followers, but by tracking new followers, it will ensure they remain active, and you certainly don’t want to lack engagement altogether.  It is your followers who determine the success of your social media profiles, so try to engage, even if just minimally, while away.


4. Ask for Help With Managing Your Pages

If your office is open and there is another co-worker or member of your social media staff  that knows the way you run your social media pages, have them take over the pages while you’re away (even if just to work on follower engagement.)   Make a schedule of what is expected from your accounts on a day-to-day basis, and leave it to them to do the postings, commenting, and replies.  Given they most likely have other job responsibilities, you should also provide them with guidelines on how long their social media postings should take on a daily basis, and even provide resources and links/ideas on how they should proceed.

And on that note, guess what?  We’re NOT on vacation!  Yes, we will be here throughout the holidays to continue amusing and entertaining you!
You can find us all around social media — so be sure to stop by any of our pages and say HI!

Happy Holidays From All Of Us at ZOCLE!!