Snap’s Newest Features Are Nothing Like We’ve Seen Yet

Snap chat wasn’t looking so good earlier in June, with Instagram passing them in daily users, and their stock dropping a bit. But they sure bounced back this week with some really cool updates that will not only be pleasing to non commercial users, but also businesses large and small. 

Here’s the breakdown of some of Snap’s newest updates:

1. Adding links to Snaps. 

Instagram stories got the edge on Snap with adding a feature which allows you not only to tag people/companies but also swipe up to visit a website. Although Snap was behind on the uptake for this, they’re keeping themselves in the game by adding the option to include a link in every Snapchat. It’s called Snapchat Paperclip and you can still utilize any and all other features in your snap along with the Paperclip.

2. Voice Changers.

I think a huge reason people don’t delete Snapchat (or at least one of my reasons for not) is people LOVE their filters. They’re a LOT better than Instagram story filters, they work better, they make you look cuter, and they have voice altering filters. When Snap came out with the first filter that changed your voice, the high pitched “bee”, it was such a big hit, they almost had to keep making more. Now, with any snap you send, you have an option of 5 different voice changers, regardless of the filter. In other words, the voice changers are not all tied to the physical camera filters any more.The ability to customize further gives users more options, and who doesn’t love MORE options?!

3. Backdrops.

Snap has also been releasing more photo tools, the latest is what Snap is calling Backdrops. Backdrops look like a giant piece of transparent wallpaper that covers the entire image, but the user can cut out the subject of the photo by tracing over it on the touchscreen. Backdrop around the subject, subject is perfectly clean. Wallah, an augmented reality at your fingertips.

Let’s not forget to mention the previous update, which was the Snap Map. While I think it’s cool to see where all my friends are at any point in time if they have the feature on, it’s also a little creepy. There was some serious mixed reviews about it on it’s initial release, citing it to be invasive and a map right to harms way for some. I have over 150 snap “friends”, and only about 10 people using this feature currently. Just goes to show it’s not exactly popular at the moment. I expect to see some additional updates to this in the near future that will inspire people to use it more. 

All and all, great updates from Snap. They’re really hitting their marketing and doing what they do best which is giving the user the ability to manipulate reality and then post it to their friends. I was off the Snap bandwagon, but I’m back on. Things are looking up, as they’re still doing ground breaking work in augmented reality. 

As always,

Your Local Zocle