Snap or Instagram Story? What’s Right for Your Marketing Plan?

I was driving to work this morning, thinking “why am I posting to Instagram stories right now?” I thought about how little I was posting on Snap lately, and I realized two huge things.

1. I’ve been posting, reading, and talking about how Snap’s stock dropped dramatically this past month

2. I get more views per video on Instagram

Subconsciously thinking that Snap is “over with”, and knowing people view my stories more on Instagram, has lead me to post more on Instagram than Snap. Coincidental for sure, but not strikingly strange.

When I’m bored, I love going on Snap and looking through stories, the discovery section, reading articles, watching videos, checking out celebrities snaps. Discovery is SUCH a cool section…..for when I’m bored…

When I’m not bored and when I’m not mindlessly staring into my phone for content to amuse me? I check Facebook, I comb through Twitter momentarily, and I scroll through my Instagram, stories and pictures. I don’t even touch Snap.

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The last week or two, I’ve found myself giving Instagram Story more of a shot. Initially I wrote it off, calling it a copy cat. I stand by my original statement, it is in fact a copy cat, but I would add that Instagram Story does provide something that Snap does not…. Unfiltered visibility. 

On an average Snap post, I get maybe 50-70 views, depending on day/time/length of story. For Instagram, I’ve been getting 100+, no matter the time of day or length. I have more followers on Instagram and because I’m a public account, it’s unrestricted on who views it so anyone who goes to my profile can see my story.

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So then I got to thinking, as a business, is Snap worth integrating into your social media marketing? 90% of Instagram users are under 35, so if your target is young adult, then Instagram is hitting your target big time.

Plus Snap has quite a few disadvantages…

  1. Minimal Followers: It’s hard to get people to follow you on Snap. It’s really not meant as a “social media platform”, it’s more a messaging application.
  2. No Engagement: I don’t connect or interact with people I’m not friends with, unless I watch celebrity Snaps, and even then, I had to find their username elsewhere in order to follow them and they won’t reply to a direct message.
  3. No Search Option: Snap doesn’t really let you search for followers, therefore no one can search for your business either, where Instagram is made for social interface, as the “Videos You Might Like” is meant to encourage interaction with people you don’t follow.
  4. No Tagging: No hashtags or ways to tag snaps. Instagram allows you not only to tag other accounts on Instagram Story, it also alerts that account of a tag mention. I tagged Birch Box in one of my stories once and they replied! It was a really nice interaction between customer and brand that made me appreciate the them more. It’s about building relationships here, people!
  5. No Reasonably Priced Sponsored Ads: Snap’s Discover section is really only for big businesses with exorbitant social media budgets. Not everyone has the money to be featured like MTV or Buzzfeed, where Instagram has a very reasonably priced ad feature that almost any business could afford and utilize
  6. Less Followers: 158 million people are using Snapchat every day. That sounds pretty good right? In 2016, Snap reached 301 million monthly active users compared to Instagram who has 700 million. Plain and simple…. there is just less of an audience.

I digress, I love(d) Snap. I grew up being one of the first generations to use Snap, I left college using Snap. I’ve been so on board with everything Snap has done the last 4 years, but I’m not comfortable arguing that Snap should be in a small business marketing plan anymore. I don’t think it’s necessary and it could be just a waste of precious time.

Bottom line: Use Instagram Story in your marketing plan instead.

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