Related Trending Hashtags and Improvements to IQity Sharing

More feature rollouts for IQity users!

Related Trending Hashtags

IQity trending is awesome.  It lets you know what followers of any Twitter account are talking about right now.  However, sometimes they use multiple hashtags in their tweets which makes more than one hashtag trend from the same tweets.  Why populate your trending list with hashtags from the same tweets?

We’ve resolved that small dilemma by grouping hashtags that come primarily from the same tweets.  The hashtag that is the most prominent will display; and underneath it, the other hashtags that made those tweets trend will be listed.  That makes your trending list have all unique trends!  How cool is that?

This new grouping of related hashtags is also available in the Trending Column in Zocle as well.

Shared IQity Accounts Get FULL Access!

Previously, when an IQity account was shared with another user, they only received access to the trending data in Zocle.  NOW the recipient of a shared account receives FULL access to the report in Zocle AND IQity.  All graphs, effective data and trending data is available just like you tracked it yourself!  (in order to access the report in IQity, you still must link your social account with IQity)

The shared reports will show up on your dashboard just like any account you track yourself.


Once you are in the report, you get access to all of the data.  In the upper right corner of the report, you will see who shared it with you.



Until next time, keep on Zoclin’!

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