Quick Guide: What to Post?

Sometimes even I get caught in this rut of what should I be posting now. It could be a slow season for you, or you’ve exhausted articles to no end and need some fresh content. Here’s a few ideas to spark some creative juices for content!

Behind the scenes
Showing people working behind the scenes, whether it’s just an odd picture of the office or literally backstage somewhere, it lets the user in to your world. It’s very personal and opens a gate between your business and the people behind it.

Happy fans/ customers
Who doesn’t love seeing happy customers? They might not look at your Google reviews, but seeing happy customers or endorsement emails (ask before posting), might make them consider going to you for whatever they need!

People love animals, and seeing an office dog immediately makes people smile. It shows a human side to your business. Plus there’s nothing wrong polluting people’s timeline’s with doggy pictures!

I’ve said it time and time again, quotes are great content. People LOVE quotes, especially inspiring ones. You can relate them to industry leaders, use factoids, or quote other professionals. It’s easy original content to create. Everyone needs some Monday Morning Motivation!

Posting statistics, similarly to quotes, are also great original content. Maybe you read an article and found an interesting stat, you could post the article AND create a graphic for the stat, citing the article of course, and now you have 2 posts in one.

Topical posts
Posting about local news, or National holidays can be great content. Maybe a big sports championship just happened and you can share the sports teams post. Finding things your customer may be interested in and posting about it is a fundamental way to attract positive attention and traction online.

Product promotion
Seems so obvious to be promoting your actual product online but it’s always solid content! People need to know what you’re offering and what your business does.

Videos can come in a lot of forms now with all the social content creation tools. It could be a Vine,  a Boomerang, a live stream, a Snap, or a video professionally done. Videos will catch attention and diversify your stagnant posts with movement!

This is a style of posting, typically seen on Instagram where multiple posts make a collage or a bigger picture. Overall Instagram aesthetic is really important especially with certain brands so creating something interesting to look at or causing the user to go to your profile is a win in my book. 

Cross promotion 
Posting to follow your other social media accounts is important. Maybe they don’t know you’re on Facebook, or couldn’t find your Instagram handle, but they want to follow you for updates on a medium they use more often. Always include the exact handle or name your’re under so you are easy to find!

Company outings
Posting pictures of the office out to dinner or at the annual holiday party is humanizing and fun. Users will enjoy seeing this type of content because it reminds them there are people behind the scenes working there, making the magic happen. 

As a company you have a lot of flexibility on what you post and can post. Re-posting customers or work related pictures from employees can be great content for your social media sites.

Make the most out of your social media and post interesting content that users would like to see!


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