by: anthony

New IQity Hashtag Interface with Hashtag Definitions!

Hey IQity account trackers!  We’ve got a cool new interface for your hashtag statistics as well as definitions of those hashtags!  Ever wonder what the heck #ff means?  Well, now you’ll know!  Thanks to a collaboration with the fine folks over at, we’ll now supply you the most popular definition of a hashtag as crowdsourced and voted upon by the users of tagdef.

First let’s take a look at the new interface.  All of your statistics, graphs, related hashtags and the new defintion are located on the left side.  On the right side, you can scroll through all of the tweets that mention that hashtag without losing site of the stats.


The new definition feature displays right underneath the graphs.

This new interface is available in both IQity and in Zocle when you click on a trending hashtag from an account you are tracking.  Not tracking any accounts?  Contact us and we’ll get you setup!

Until next time, keep on Zoclin’!


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