It’s Officially Spring, And Next Up Is Easter! Here’s Your Guide For An Easter Social Media Strategy

Easter is early this year (April 1st, to be exact!)

But with all the snow storms we have experienced in March, it’s hard to believe that spring is here and that means Easter is quickly approaching!

Now is the perfect time to think about your social media content ideas and start thinking about using the holiday to your advantage.

So…what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Follow our top tips for making Easter eggcellent 😉


Easter is generally a time when family and friends come together and food plays into that in a big way!  It is also a time to rejoice, share their joy with each other, and be thankful for all of the above.

Your social media presence should try to reflect this by engaging your audience involved in some fun Easter-themed activities.  Or try using hashtags to encourage your audience to share photos, videos and comments of how they’re spending the holiday; for example you could use a specific hashtag campaign to boost awareness of your products.

The company Waitrose took an interesting approach to customers sharing images of their Easter weekend through their #GoodEgg campaign. Audiences could share Twitter, Instagram or Vines of food, egg hunts and family activities, and Waitrose used the same hashtag to create awareness of their donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Virtual Or “Real Life” Easter Egg Hunts

Even without a large budget for Easter campaigns, you can do what is called a “virtual Easter Egg Hunt” on your website.  For example:

  • Use an Easter egg image on your website. When your consumer or customers find the egg, have it drive them to an Easter landing page with a contact form or similar
  • Gather all your Easter contestants there, and use their email info so you’ve now gathered together a mailing list!
  • advertise on social media.
  • award one large prize or reward them all with very simple, inexpensive prizes. Everyone wants to be a winner no matter how big or small!
  • Create an easter egg hunts into a social media contest. Place hidden Easter egg point of sale placards throughout company and encourage people to post pics with your social hashtag or handle.
  • Make Easter themed “Selfie props” for visitors to play with at your location, and then post with your hashtag. You could even turn their posts into a drawing for something simple like a giant Easter basket with candy or the like
  • Easter themed photo booths or cardboard cut-out bunnies for kids to take their pictures is always a huge hit


The holidays are a great time to run social competitions as you can theme it around that event. The simplest competitions are the “re-tweet and follow” kind on Twitter because they are simple to manage, and you can easily access it to see who has entered.

You could also host an Easter Egg Contest on a platform such as Instagram. For example, ask folks to paint an Easter egg and post the picture.  Have a panel of judges and then vote on the best one, awarding them a fun (can be inexpensive!) prize!  ‘

You could even ask your audience to post a photo of themselves wearing their fancy Easter outfits nd post it with a special hashtag on their profile. Maybe something like the craziest Easter bonnet?  Or you could dress your pet up with Easter bunny ears?

What .. too much?

Whatever you decide, it could be really fun and a great way to engage your audience in a simple, easy way.


Be Lighthearted And Fun

Easter is all about the cuddly bunnies and chocolate candy. These two things are really popular on social media, so make sure to incorporate some to show off your brand personality and human side.

For example:  Cadbury UK created a #FreeTheJoy campaign and all they did was upload a 2 second video of a fluffy toy chick jumping up and down next to some mini eggs with the caption; ‘What came first, the mini chicken or the mini egg?’ Simple and cute but most importantly – effective!


It’s a holiday and we know WE don’t want to be checking and posting to your social media accounts!  I’m sure you don’t want to either, am I right?  So make sure to schedule your content strategically and ahead of time. Check Twitter analytics and Facebook insights to see when your best times to post are for maximum engagement.  And of course use ZOCLE!

Don’t forget our favorite part!  The Easter PUNS!  And since Easter happens to coincide with APRIL FOOLS DAY this year, this is the best time to get punny!

Everyone loves throwing in puns such as “have an eggstravagant, eggcelent, eggciting Easter”

Are we right?  Or.. not?

Hoppy Easter!!!