Imagine You Could Listen In On What Your Audience Was Talking About Right Now

Now You Can

Find Out How

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Zocle IQity = Insight Into Your Audience

Using IQity’s patented technology, you’ll know what is trending with your followers right now…allowing you to tailor your content to what is important with the people you interact with.

But it is also an incredible brand builder! Compare your social accounts with your competition’s accounts and see what is trending with their followers and get the scoop by posting breaking content first!

Listen In

Find out what your followers (or your competitor’s followers) are interested in right now. From topics, to people mentioned… to the very stories they are sharing, you can find out what to talk about right now! Join the conversation and be relevant!

Know Thy Competition

Directly compare your Twitter account against your competitor’s and find out what is trending with their followers. Get the scoop on trends that are important to them and micro-target users that are following both of you!

Hit The Target the First Time

You don’t have time to guess what works for your brand. IQity will inform you of which of your topics resonated with your audience and when is the best time to engage with them.

IQity will also break down each topic with an effectiveness grade. The better the grade, the more engaged your followers will be!