IQity Dashboard Redesign

Oh jeez, we’ve done it again. That’s right, we’ve improved stuff!

We’ve updated the dashboard in IQity so stats are easier to read, accounts are easier to find and give you more information at a glance.

First off we’ve change the design of the accounts you are tracking into cards so more accounts fit on your dashboard without the need to scroll. The cards are much more defined with an account’s branding by including the account’s cover photo and other various tidbits.

More Info

We’ve also included extended information about an account just by hovering over the cover photo.

Easier To Find

Tracking a lot of accounts?  No problem! Start typing in the name of the account and we’ll filter out the results on the fly!


Put ’em Where You Want ‘Em

You can easily drag and drop your accounts in whatever order you like by grabbing the handle and dragging it into place.


How’s that for a Friday?  Until next time, Keep on Zoclin’!

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