#Instagood: Simple And Effective Tips For Instagram Growth

Instagram can really put your business or yourself in the limelight.  After all, Instagram is great for marketing and branding, provided you have a large audience and reach.  So given that, getting more Instagram followers should be a top priority for any business that uses Instagram for marketing, as it is a huge presence amongst social media platforms.

But a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another is “How do I improve growth and increase engagement on Instagram?”

To help you get more interest on your Instagram in 2018, we’re sharing our tips and ideas that may help your Instagram gain optimal results:

Growing Your Instagram Presence:

  • Give Your Audience What They Want:
    Seems too simple, right?   The easiest way to grow your Instagram account is by posting content that your target audience wants to see. It may take some trial and error, but you will learn what your target audience wants to see based on the amount of likes, comments, tagging, etc.  When you find what works, started to post more images that align with that.
  • Be Active And Responsive:
    Social media is all about engagement and interaction. If you simply post content and never engage back with your following they will become disconnected. Something as simple as liking their comments or taking a few minutes daily to respond to direct messages will help you build a stronger relationship with your followers
  • Compliment Another Users Photo, Or Utilize Your Customers Photos Of Your Product Or Service:
    Be sure to leave a relevant comment on a photo to engage in a conversation.  Have you “re-grammed?” (posting a picture from another Instagram account with a photo credit of course.) This gets more exposure of for the photo, and creates content.  You will build relationships, and hopefully other users will ask your business to re-gram their photos! Be sure to leave a relevant comment on a photo to engage in a conversation.
  • Continue To Add Exclusive Content:
    Try to make it personalized by posting “behind the scenes” photos from a typical work day.  When posting at Zocle we use a #Zocle hashtag, as posting a consistent hashtag will eventually catch on with your customers. More organizations are investing in promoted hashtags to keep in touch with their targeted audience via campaigns. Some companies post photos of volunteer work they participate in employee gatherings, and events.

Use Instagram Stories to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram Stories has been a huge hit; it’s fun and a great way to engage and connect with your audience. Notice on the “Explore” page the row of Instagram Stories at the top of your page?  Well those Stories appear because Instagram selects them based on accounts you follow, and posts you like.

Instagram may also show you Stories from accounts you follow have liked, or were liked by a large number of people.  So if want to get on the Instagram Explore page, you need to create amazing content.

But why?  What does this have to do with getting new Instagram followers?  Well the short answer is having one of your Stories featured can set off a viral effect that gets you a ton of likes, comments, and, course, new followers for Instagram who choose to see more of your content

Get Instagram Savvy By Sharing Engaging Videos

Video can be a powerful tool for brands looking to reach new audiences. And Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to posts with higher engagement, which means the more likes and comments your post receives, the more people will see your post.

Since videos generally receive a good amount of engagement, it makes sense to use the format in your marketing mix! There’s also the fact that with the release of Instagram Stories, Instagram appears to be investing heavily in video content.

Additionally, video boast higher engagement rates than images, and it’s also one of the best tools to increase conversions and generate leads!

Create a #HashtagStrategy to Get More Instagram Followers

Having a solid Insta hashtag strategy is important any Instagram marketing campaign, and it should be a top priority for businesses that want to get Instagram to really work for their business strategy.

Instagram hashtags are one of the most useful tools for a social media manager.   Using the right hashtag, or combination of hashtags, can help you expose your brand to larger audiences. And your chances of attracting new followers for Instagram, getting more likes, and increasing engagement are vastly increased by the use of hashtags!

Find out which hashtags your audience uses most actively, and then search for posts that use that hashtag. Once you’ve found some winners, like and comment on those posts to engage with your community.

Another great strategy is to search for hashtags that have an active and involved community behind them, and then post and engage with those hashtags. It’s an effective way to interact with like-minded users, while at the same time raising awareness about your brand!

This step is very important because people will find you based on their search for specific subjects.  Instagram will populate hashtags for when using the search column.  Try some of these top tags #photooftheday #nofilter #art #style #repost #instagood to see some examples of posts.   Some users will reciprocate following a you on Instagram, when a hashtag #followforfollow is used.  Users can now use emoticons as hashtags to connect with new people and search for fresh content.  It’s all about community building!

Host An Instagram Contest

Your customers will love a good contest (with a hashtag, of course!)  Set a goal you would like to reach, and assign a start and finish date.  Is your goal growing your audience?  Finding leads?  This will determine the type of contest to initiate.  For example, user generated content (UGC) would be great for brand awareness as a goal. Post your contest on Instagram with directions for a specific hashtag, and have fans tag your account. Photo contests are great for gaining more followers, here is an outline of steps to follow.  Social media users trust their friends more than ads, so it is good to consider a campaign that will generate photos with a hashtag of your choice!

So Are You #InstaReady?

With some of the highest engagement rates on social media, and over 600 million active monthly users, it’s no surprise that getting more Instagram followers and engagement can take your business or brand to the next level!

Here’s hoping to get #InstaFamous in 2018!