If You’re Not Using Social Media To Enhance Your Business, Here Are 5 Reasons You Should!

Social media seems to be a relatively new way for businesses to get their name out there, with the business Facebook page rolling out to full fruition in the last couple of years.

For business owners small and large, the new age of marketing on social media is uncharted territory. The ROI is almost impossible to truly determine, and there’s not a ton of research on what is 100% successful.

Marketing before social media was much more simple, with marketing plans, directions, maps of what works, data from years of research, and all types of techniques a company could employ. With social media taking over the game, and internet ruining the print industry, it’s almost like those years of research mean nothing at all. There’s also a lot of businesses that reject social media as a means of free advertisement, and instead carry on the way they always have, because it’s been working.

You may think merely having a Facebook business profile is enough – and while it’s a good start, you need to make more effort than just “existing.”

Here are FIVE ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your social media business pages:

1. What You Post Attracts — Or Detracts — Your Potential Customers

If I went to a business’s social media page and saw they were active, posting stuff at least once a week, deals on merchandise, or just company updates, I’d be more inclined to go there than a place that had no posts whatsoever. As a consumer, I look for things that tell me this is a well run business, and one of those things is effort.

If you care about your Facebook and the persona you show the world, you’ll care about me as a customer, because you clearly care about what I think as a consumer. I might not go to a business that has NO social media presence because to me, I wonder why there’s nothing there, and I wonder what kind of people are running this business to not care about their presentation. Why would I go into a store if it looks like it’s empty? Don’t keep your social store front empty!

2. Communicate Announcements With Potential Or Existing Customers

Making announcements is a really easy and simple way to relay information to consumers. For seasonal business that perhaps close in September for the season and opens sometime in May, you can use Facebook to post about an opening date. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Linkedin is the easiest way to convey information to a multitude of people at once. It’s basically like a message board.  Making announcements about sales or promotions are providing huge pieces of information that can be a factor in what consumers do and where they go. The more information the better, and as a consumer, I want to be informed of every piece of usable information. It’s the same idea as “Build it and they will come”. Post and they will come…

3. Use Social Media As A Faux Customer Service Line

Being able to message a company and get a reply back very quickly with the information asked for, is HUGE. Sometimes you just need a quick question answered immediately, or have a problem purchasing/logging in and contacting a company should not be difficult, especially if you operate for consumer sales. The days of talking to a voice automated machines are over. You just need a social media account manager to field all those questions being sent in from Facebook messenger, Twitter or Instagram private messages. The ability for easy contact between a company and consumer is huge. It might not attract customers per say, but it will help solidify a relationship with existing customers.

4. People Love Interacting With Things They Like, Purchase And Use

For some crazy reason, it’s such a joy to get a response on social media from a company you love! Posted on Instagram and tagging the company you are referring to, then having that company reply with a few emojis or a like.. this is just very gratifying. This interaction doesn’t seem like a lot, but it makes you feel like the company cares. They’ve taken the time to look at what their customers post and then craft a reply.  It shows the brand cares, and cares about what you post. It’s a really simple way to reach out and build a relationship with your customer base, which allows for retention and return customers.

5. The Best Part: It’s FREE

Could there be a better reason to use social media?! Social media, for the most part, is free. It’s free to create accounts, it’s free to post, and it’s free to engage by likes or comments. This amazing bridge to consumers where you can relay information, answer questions freely, post updates, and build a relationship with your customers is all FREE. All it takes is effort, an hour or so a day to keep your following up to date. (You can use Zocle and cut that time in half, we’re just saying). The only thing that does cost money is advertising on social media. Creating ad campaigns on Facebook or Twitter are not free, but they’re affordable and easy to use.

So yep — there you have it.  There’s basically no reason to NOT use social media. 

Get to posting!

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