How To Connect To Your Millennial Consumers? #StopAndReadHere

Zocle gives the user the ability to find trending topics on social media, and more specifically, what’s trending with their followers. For instance, in this moment in time (Wednesday April 25, 2018 at 5:39pm) #wednesdaywisdom is trending. #GoldenStateKiller is trending (because after decades, it seems that police have finally made an arrest in the notorious case). And as usual, #KanyeWest and #KimKardashian are trending (all for reasons we can’t really get into on our PC, family-friendly blog.)

Sooo yes.. lots of fun stuff going on today on Twitter.

You’re thinking, “OK…. and your point is?”

It’s such a great opportunity to post something relating to the trending items above.  A really funny meme tied into the hashtags above, and then maybe double tag it with #wackywednesday or #KanyeIsCrazy.

Not only are you tapping into a conversation that’s already started, you’re being relevant and building a really engaging social image for potential new costumers.

Every single thing you put on social media doesn’t need to push your brand and push your brand’s agenda.

Social media and your brand’s online presence is more than just tossing shameless plugs into the oasis of the internet hoping on some leads. Your online presence is a representation of what kind of business you are, and the consumer you cater to.

Below are some of what we here at Zocle look for in a company online…

1. For those millennials here, when we go to buy something or go to a restaurant, the first thing we do is Google them. If you can’t find them on Google, that’s a problem and a red flag.  You start to wonder, why are they so hidden I can’t find them? Are they a legitimate company or what?

2. Next up is to read all their reviews, whether for a product or for a restaurant. Try to look at bad reviews and figure out is this just an angry and spiteful customer or does this bad review have merit? I’m an informed consumer. I don’t just skim the top 5 reviews, I’ll search by bad reviews and find them, so do not try to bury those bad reviews with fake good ones. Also- I’m looking at how you respond to those bad reviews. Are you nice, are you offering them something else in return for their bad experience? Are you offering a help email address or a phone number? This displays the level of customer service you provide. Like always though, proper spelling and grammar count. I once read a reply that was all lowercase letters and had weird sentence structure. I was very much put off and didn’t bother reading further reviews. Red flag if you do not take the time to capitalize the beginning of a sentence at least.

3. Third thing for us to do is check their Facebook/Instagram. What do you post? Are you shamelessly plugging yourself or are you sharing popular articles and interesting things for me to read? Keep it relevant obviously but don’t think because you’re a mortgage company, you only have to post about rates. Think outside the box and engage me.

Sometimes you may find a brand hasn’t posted since last month or last year. This makes you ponder the question, why the drop off? Does this brand “get” me as a consumer since they don’t use all the social media outlet I use? It’s not a make or break for products as much, but a service like a restaurant or a gym class would definitely make me question going there or not by a lack of posts. Even a post a week tells me you’re invested in catering to me and my interests as a consumer. Red flags for lack of consistency and lack of post commitment. You’re fighting for my dollar, at least try to get me to your page.

4. Lastly, visit their website. A cheesy or hokey website shouldn’t deter you *because some of the most amazing places can have bad websites* so try not to judge too much. On the other hand, if their website is top notch, really clean and easy to navigate with information clearly displayed, it will definitely make a huge impression.

Millennials appreciate the time and care it takes to write a blog once a month or keep updated pictures on your site. We need as much information as possible to make an informed decision and if you’re making the gathering of information easier, that’s major points!

What you post comes secondary to how connected you are to your target audience. we all want to feel like the establishment we’re spending at is invested in making the consumer happy. Millennials are surprisingly informed consumers, judgmental to no end, and have serious expectations when it comes to what we throw our money at.

So lastly, a tip from the millennial generation: Stay plugged in online, take the time every week and work on your social image and tap into the interests of your target audience, then post regularly. It’s worth every time you post. The ROI (return on investment) is intangible because it’s cultivating your image as a whole, not generating leads with engagement. Listen to what he says –

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Don’t say I didn’t tell you the easy way!!