How NOT To Spend All Day Social Media Marketing, So You Can Write Cool Blogs Like This :)

Social media marketing is a requirement these days, and anyone who tells you otherwise just doesn’t know what’s up! In a world where we text rather than call people, and get all of our news off our digital devices rather than a newspaper, reaching your consumers or customer base via social media is quite possibly the largest factor in your marketing strategy.  And on paper (or, er, on a computer monitor) it seems SO easy, doesn’t it? I mean how hard can it be to put up some posts on Facebook, type up a few tweets, throw in a few hashtags for good measure, post a couple funny memes on Instagram, and then like or re-tweet interesting content?  Simple!

Well..not really.  If you’re doing social media marketing — real social media marketing — you know that it takes more than that to make a difference.  And to make a difference, it takes a lot of time and thought, which in turn can eat up most of your workday.  Because of the pace of social media (i.e., wanting to make sure you are posting the most current news in your field (so that a competitor doesn’t get to it sooner) you may feel as though you have to BE ONLINE 24-7 so that you don’t miss breaking news, and don’t neglect to pounce on what’s trending right this second!  Before you know, it becomes all-consuming, as you go from Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, take a look at Snapchat, log into LinkedIn, back to Twitter, and so on.   Talk about a TIME WASTER!  And not only does this unnecessarily waste time, it can negatively affect your daily productivity —  which is detrimental to what a marketing person does.

Well lucky for you, we have some answers!   You really can minimize the amount of time you spend social media marketing and not miss  out on anything, all while still performing in the most effective manner possible.

1. Minimize Interruptions

I know, this is impossible right?  I mean you are a SOCIAL MEDIA person.  The nature of your position is to be constantly connected to your phone or other devices, checking out all your various social media platforms, all while making sure you are alerted when things are happening.  What we’re saying is, every time your phone beeps with a new social post, you jump, stop everything, and respond … which only serves to pull your attention away from what you should be doing.   Yes, you do have to stay connected, but there’s no reason that you need to IMMEDIATELY reply to every comment you receive on your Facebook post.  Turn off alerts to minimize distraction.   You can still respond to them, but on your own time.

2. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Let’s say part of your position is to provide content every hour during the business day.  Do you wait for the clock to hit that specific time before your post EVERY hour, which leaves you scrambling and spending that precious time in-between those hourly posts doing your research?  If so, that basically leaves you with no time to do anything else.   A better idea is to find content in advance, bookmark it and SCHEDULE it.  A social media schedule is a good first step, perhaps creating a template that organizes by platform, lists days/times and how often you need to publish content.  Doing something like this can save you an incredible amount of time.   You can set aside a few hours one or two days a week, create all of your social media updates for the following days, so you have more free time to do your other marketing tasks.   And also this is the perfect way to prepare so that you’re not left desperately searching to find enough compelling content!

3) Schedule Schedule Schedule, Part 2: Automated Scheduling and Publishing

So you have your template with your schedule, you bookmarked a ton of awesome content, everything is prepared and ready -what now?  Use a social media dashboard (hello.. Zocle!) and make your like immensely easier. You can automate a huge amount of your publishing using a tool like this, and it’s easier than you can imagine.  (need more info on how Zocle can make publishing content to your brand’s social accounts or blog super easy, plus do so much more? CLICK HERE!)

4) Incorporate Social Media “Time Blocks”

Setting aside specific blocks of time to deal with your social media accounts is vital.   How much time depends on your industry and brand, but a good place to start is to allow yourself to check and respond to posts, let’s say, three times a day – for example, early morning, midday, later afternoon.   Now to clarify, this is not time spent sharing content — this is the time spent interacting with your followers.  As previously mentioned, time spent scheduling and working on content creation, is a different time block.  The goal of all of this is to set specific times for each aspect of your job, rather than spreading it out all day, every day.

5) Making Content Better

It seems so obvious, but it bears repeating.  And in social media where everything moves so quickly, this holds true more than ever.  Quality over quantity always wins the social media game.   Having one great post that generates a huge response, rather than 10 mediocre posts that generate zero engagement, makes such a difference.   It is necessary to first identify a goal, so you can determine what your objective is and can focus on the correct content.  Do you want your content merely to redirect people back to your website? Is your mission to gain more followers, or to actually learn about what types of customers you are attracting.  Do you want to provide original content or just share articles on areas of interest that appeals to your core audience?  I know this seems time-consuming and a lot to think about, but it’s so important and can actually save you time in the long run.   Sharing and re-sharing blog posts to promote your company is great, but is it really working towards meeting your social marketing goals?

6) Enhancing Your Content In Simple, Quick, and Effective Ways

People love memes, they love pictures, they love infographics.   Something as easy as using a free program like Canva to creatively use images in your posts makes a world of difference.   Sharing this type of content has value, if used the right way!  As long as your message comes through, and holds interest, the more you give your followers, they will in turn stay loyal to your brand and keep coming back for more.

So there you have it! 

You can, in fact, be in social media marketing and do your job more efficiently and effectively!  All the while not allowing it to suck the time out of your day.  Just think, you may even get to take that lunch break or share a few laughs with your co-workers, and still get all your work done before days’ end!

That is, as long as you promise not to log onto your personal Facebook page because you just wanted to post a few pictures from your weekend activities, which leads you to waste time scrolling through your news feed, quickly ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ on those cute puppies and adorable baby pics, but not before hastily scanning the latest celebrity gossip blogs…

…because that wouldn’t be making the most of a productive social media marketing day, now would it?

Not that we’ve EVER done that here at Zocle, just so you know 😉