Teams and Collaboration

Teams and Collaboration

Adding and Managing Teams

Zocle Teams allow you to collaborate with other members of your organization and share various items (like IQity reports).

The Teams Interface

To access the Teams interface, click the Teams link in the upper right corner of the Zocle dashboard and select Manage Teams.



This will open the Teams Interface.  This is where you will Add and Manage your Teams and any Teams you belong to.  Any Teams you are a member of will be listing in the right hand pane under Teams You Belong To.



To access a Team’s information, just click on the Team name in the right column, the Team details will swipe over to the right.


Creating a Team

Creating a Team is as easy as entering a name for the Team and saving it.  Just a enter a name in the Team Name input field (in the left panel) and click the blue Create Team button.  You can also optionally enter a description for your Team during creation as well.

You new Team will instantly display in Teams You Belong To in the right pane.



Managing a Team (Team Managers)

Whenever you create a Team, you are automatically designated as the Team Manager.  That means that only you can add or remove people from the Team and only you can delete the Team entirely.  You can also edit the Team name and add an image to serve as the Team’s Profile image.

You can see which Teams you are manager on the team listing.  They will have a little user icon next to them indicating you are the manager of those teams.


Any Team that you are a manager allows you to perform a variety of functions.

You can upload a different profile image for the Team….



…as well as Edit the Team name and description.


You can also add Tags to make finding the Team easier (when you have a lot of Teams)


Adding and Removing Team Members

As a Team Manager, you can add members and remove members from your Team.  (Note: You can only add members that are part of your parent corporation).

To add a member, begin typing in the email address of the user you wish to add.

As you type, Zocle will search all the users in your corporation for matches and show you potential matches.  As soon as you select the user you want to add, you can click the Enter button or the blue plus button to add the user to your Team.



You can add as many members to your Team as you’d like.


To remove a Member from your Team, click the red X next to the Member’s name you wish to remove.  The removed member will no longer have access to the Team’s posts or the member listing.


Deleting a Team

Only the Team Manager can delete a Team.  This is done by clicking the Delete This Team button at the top of the Team interface.


When a Team is deleted, it is permanently removed from the system.  Any Collaborations that Team was a member of will no longer be accessible by members of the Team.  Also, any IQity reports that were shared to that Team will no long be accessible by members of the Team.

Team Member

Team Members can view the basic information about a Team, but since they are not a Team Manager, they cannot perform any edits such as adding Team Images, Changing the Team name, Adding and Removing Team Members or Deleting a Team.

They can only view the Member list of a Team.