Managing Your Users

If you have Admin permissions to your company, you’ll be able to manage your company’s information as well as add, edit and disable users.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manage the users within your company including adding users, editing user’s information and disabling users.

Accessing the Admin Interface

To access the Admin Interface, click the User dropdown in the header of Zocle and click the Admin Control Panel link.  This will open the Admin Interface in a new window / tab.


To access Users within your company, you can go to one of two places.  The Users link in the header of the Admin Interface, or the Users tab in the My Company link.  They both show the same information and function the exact same way.

When you are in the Users (page or tab) you are presented with a screen that look like the below image.  From the User screen you can search for your existing users and create new ones.


Searching For Users

You can search for users a few different ways.

  • You can enter the name of a user in the Search User input field and click Search Users to find a specific user.
  • You can just click the Search Users button without any filtering to retrieve a full list of all your users.
  • You can click the alpha filtering buttons to view all users that have a last name that beings with a specific letter.

Your search results will detail the User’s name, email address, Plan, Company, Time Zone and status..


You can perform bulk actions on multiple users at once using the Bulk Actions dropdown and selecting the users to perform the action on.



Editing Users

To edit a user, click on their name in the Search results.  This will bring you to the selected user’s management screen which is made up of a number of tabs.

By default, you will first see the Activity tab which logs the user’s most recent logins.


The Social Accounts tab details a read-only view of the accounts the user has linked with Zocle.


The Groups tab details all the Groups the user belongs to.

  • Using the Groups dropdown and clicking the Add to Group button you can add the user to additional groups.
  • You can remove users from Groups by clicking the Delete button next to a group name (remember, users must belong to at least one group)



The Plans / Add-Ons tab is a read-only view of what plan the user belongs to and what Add-Ons they have access to.


Updating User Information

In the left column of a User’s Management screen there are a number of links where you can perform specific actions on a user.


Clicking Update Information will open a window allowing you to edit the basic information about a user.



Update Email will allow you to change the User’s email address.  This will automatically send an email to the user’s new email address and prompt them to change their password before they are able to log in again.



Send Welcome Email will resend the account activation email to a User with a temporary password.



Disable User will temporarily disable a user from logging into Zocle (when a user is disabled, the link will change to Restore User which will re-enable them).  A disabled user still counts as an active user license.



Archive User will disable and remove the user from your company and make the user license available to a new user.  You will not be able to access archived users once you archive them so use this action carefully.



Creating a User

To create a new user, click the Add New User button in the User screen.



This will open a window with various fields to fill out.  The only required fields are Plan,  First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

Note:  If you do not add the User to a Group during their account creation, they will automatically be added to the Default user group.

Important:  In order to receive the activation email with their temporary password, you must send the user the invite email.  You can do this during the account creation by checking Send Invite or afterwards by editing a user and clicking the Send Welcome Email link (as noted above)