Managing Your Company

If you have Admin permissions to your company, you’ll be able to manage your company’s information as well as add, edit and disable users.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manage the basics functions of your company including updating the basic information about your company, creating and managing Groups as well as viewing what social accounts are being shared between your users.

Accessing the Admin Interface

To access the Admin Interface, click the User dropdown in the header of Zocle and click the Admin link.  This will open the Admin Interface in a new window / tab.


The Admin will open to the Overview page, which summarizes basic information about your user and your company.


Managing Your Company

To manage the various facets of your company within Zocle, click the Your Company link in the header of the Admin Interface.  This will bring you to the Your Company page which is made up of a number of tabs.


By default, you will first see the Plans tab which gives you a read-only view of the Plans your company has purchased as well as the number of available seats in each plan.




The next tab is the Users tab.  This is where you can manage all the users in your company including adding new users, editing existing users and disabling users.  Managing Users is covered in detail in the Admin: Managing Your Users tutorial.




Using Groups allow you to have collections of user accounts that all work together (geographically or departmentally) or need access to the same information.  It allows you to logically place your users into geographic or division based containers.  For instance you might have a “New York” group or a “Sales” group depending on your company’s structure.


The Default Group

A User can be a member of more than one group, however they must belong to at least one group.  When a User is created, if they are not placed into a group manually, they will automatically be placed in the Default group, which is the base group for any company within Zocle and cannot be deleted. Users can be removed from the Default group as long as they are already a member of a different group within your company.

Creating Groups

To create a Group, just enter the Group name in the New input field and click the Add Group button.  The new group will be displayed in the listing below.


 Managing Groups

To manage a group, click the Manage link next to the Group name.  In the popup that appears you can add and remove users from a group as well as Disable an entire Group or delete it.

To add users to a Group, click on the name of a user from the Available users list on the left and they will be added to the Group listing on the right.



Disabling a Group will temporarily disable all the user accounts within that group from logging into Zocle. (Note:  If a user is in a Disabled group, but also within an Active group, they will still be able to log into Zocle)

Deleting a Group will permanently remove the group from your Company.  You cannot delete any group that currently has users within it and you cannot delete the Default group.


Shared Accounts

The shared accounts screen gives a visual representation of who has shared Social Accounts with other users within your company.  You can view users sharing accounts by Group.  You can change what group you are viewing using the dropdown in the upper right corner.


There are two views in the Shared Accounts tab that are accessible using the dropdown on the left side of the screen.


1) View Users Sharing Accounts: This shows a listing of all users within a group and the accounts they are sharing.


Clicking on the social account icon will show a listing of everyone the account has been shared with.  (Administrators can remove a user from a shared social account, but they cannot add users).


2) The second view in the Shared Accounts tab is View Users Receiving Shared Account.  This view shows all users in a group receiving a shared account.


Clicking on the social account icon will show who shared the account with the user.  Administrators can disable sharing the account in the popup.