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Access a world of personalized content via posts on social networks and countless media feeds. Discover what matters to your audience by making their voice a part of your discovery process

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Share Blog and Facebook posts as well as Tweets that interest your audience, encouraging engagement with your brand... all centered around your content!


Measure your content objectives. Find out what's a hit and a miss, right down to the very last post or tweet. Real time analytics let you know if your post is on fire!

Zocle - The Industry leading Integrated Web and Social Platform

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Zocle gives you the power to track trending topics that your followers (or your competition's followers) are talking about.

You also can instant local or global updates by viewing social and news feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

Post your killer content to your website's blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts all at once!

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Stay on top of the big picture: multi
social media channels, blogs, and more.

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Create more provocative, relevant content by knowing what your audience is talking about.

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React and refer to friends and followers
faster, easier, more meaningfully.